Friday, October 22, 2010


Thank you to all my followers, both new and old. The public ones, and the private ones. Yep, I'm watching all of you. lol.

Today is a milestone for this blog. I've reached my 100th post. How awesome is that? In my book it's pretty cool, because when I started this blog, I really couldn't think of anything to say. Some days I still have that problem. I mean really, how interesting is my life? Perhaps I need to change my viewpoint. Maybe it's the minutia of everyday life which holds us all together.

Either way, thanks for being here, and following along. It matters.

Have a spectacular weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hanging Up The Robes

Contest judging is officially finished for this year. It turned out to be a much different experience than expected. Don’t they always?

Let’s compare excuses and see if yours are the same as mine, and maybe dispel a few myths along the way.

I never volunteered to judge a contest because...

Myth Number 1
Free time is in short supply. I mean really, how could I possibly judge a contest when I have so many other ‘important’ things to do? Sometimes, this one is true. You just can’t work it in, and do a good job on the entries. I did a little switch up, which worked for me. When we’re not writing, we’re reading, right? I used my free reading time to read contest entries. And it was great. I discovered some really outstanding authors whom I really hope get published. Their stories shined so brightly, I want to know The End!

Myth Number 2
I don’t know enough. Maybe there are some who’d agree with this. lol. But seriously, I’ve learned a great deal over the past several years. From my publishers, editors, and mostly from my CP’s who are editors, authors, and professionals in their own right. Brilliant women, I consider myself lucky to know. I realize I still have so much to learn about this business, but at the same time, I’ve learned enough, that I can start giving back to the writing community which has been so generous to me.

Myth Number 3
Contests don’t matter. Getting published does. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this one. But, I admit to a change of heart after reading the entries. There are many different routes to publication. Who am I to say not to follow the one that works best for you? If you can draw the attention of an editor or agent with your entry, good for you! If you don’t, but you still learned something from entering, it’s still money well spent. If even that doesn’t work, try another route.

All in all, it proved to be a really good experience. I’m glad I did it. There wasn’t anything that got on my nerves about any of the entries. While not all spectacular, the work that each entrant put into their work was very evident. Judging will have a place on the calendar for next year. Can’t wait to see what’s new.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Irritation Nation – Bad Book Reviews

Sorry to come out swinging after an absence, but I read something today that just really hit me wrong. It was a review of a fellow authors work, and it wasn’t worth the pixels on the screen I was reading.

Let’s face it. If you’re a published author, you never want to receive a bad review. We spend hours and hours slaving over our work to make it the best it can possibly be. Reading each sentence multiple times to be as certain as possible we’ve used the correct word to describe the proper emotion, or setting, right down to the last detail. And that’s before the rounds of edits done by the publisher.

As adults, when we find out someone doesn’t like our work, mostly we manage to shrug it off and move on. It’s a big wide internet out here, and we understand that not everyone will love our work. Some people will just flat out not like it. And that’s okay.

I love Coke, and really don’t care for Pepsi. There you go. I doubt either company will lose one minute of sleep over my opinion.

But. I digress. And admit to confusion. Writers are supposed to be professionals, no? Following this happy trail, one would think a book review blog should be professional also. ...that screeching sound is the rubber meeting the road, as it were. Don’t get me wrong, there are several fantastic review sites which are run in a very professional manner, and it’s not these I’m referring to.

Thank you to the glorious internet, which helps all of us promote our books, it seems anyone who can type, can now also start a blog, review, and offer their opinion. Which is fine. I do it. You are absolutely entitled to do it also. But if you can’t even find the spell checker, I am absolutely entitled to not take one damn word seriously.