Monday, February 18, 2013

Every Villain Deserves Attention

Villains are on my mind this week. Probably because I just watched Skyfall last night, and the villain was quite conflicted which didn’t make him more attractive to me, but it did make the story more interesting and compelling. He had a backstory that could have made him just as much a hero, or just as much a villain. As writer’s that’s the point of it, right? To craft a compelling story that makes readers enjoy it so much they want to come back for more.

I struggle with this because I don’t like villains much. In my current WIP it actually stalled me for a while because my villain wants to kill someone. And he’s killed before. When I came face to face with the idea that in order to give depth to the story I needed not only to give my villain motivation, I needed to understand it. Basically I fought against knowing the bad guy as well as I knew the heroine and her love interest. The desire to look deep into the thoughts of someone who killed wasn’t there for me.

What got me through it ultimately is that I wanted to tell this story. I can’t thank my readers enough for still asking for this story, and wanting to read it. In the end, I’d made more of an emotional blockage than a craft one. Once I finally made the decision to give the villain the history, life experience, and baggage that every other major character in the story had, it came together like clockwork.

Even if the villain is snarky ex-girlfriend, she too, deserves to be treated like the character she is, if she’s playing a major role.

What about you? Do you feel squeamish about villains, or are they just another day at the office?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Life with Lucy #5

It’s another Friday with Lucy. I have to tell you she is as sweet as she could possibly be. Er, except for bath time. She didn’t like the groomer one little bit. Well she liked the lady just fine, but not the process.

Hi, it’s me. Shiny, clean and smelling good, Lucy. Have you been to the groomer? Mom took me. They had a shower there. Almost like the big water thingy Mom gets in. I’m not going in there. It’s wet. Mom says I should like the water because I’m part Labrador. Well that may be true, but I’m part pit bull too, and that part isn’t having anything to do with wet stuff.

I confess. I got bribed with treats. They tasted like steak. I let them get me wet for another piece of steak. And then I let them scrub me with flowery smelling shampoo. That part felt good, except I didn’t much like it around my face, I wiggled, and ducked my head and finally shook water all over Mom and the nice groomer lady. She has a very soft touch and a nice quiet voice. It helped me not to be so nervous.

Nervous, shmervous. Nothing and nobody is clipping my nails. I like the tap-tap-tap sound they make on the hardwood floor at home. Mom says it’s good for me to get my nails clipped. If it’s so good, she can do it next time. I put up a valiant struggle. I backed up, I rolled over, I sat, I laid, I yelped, I went forward, heck I would have turned inside out, but it was all to no avail. I came home with short toe nails. Thank heavens Mom drew the line at nail polish.

I did get a really cool scarf tho’. Kinds suits the season, don’t you think?

Every week is an adventure. She really just keeps me smiling. What’s not to love about that? Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Cover Reveal

Greetings! Things are happening in their usual crazy fashion around here, and I'm so excited about this cover I just couldn't wait to show it to you. And no, the books aren't availabe quite yet, but soon.

Here's the cover for Book Two in the Cameron Motorsports series, Beyond the Winner's Circle, formerly Center Ring.

I just love it. Happy Monday, everyone. Wishing you bliss.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Life with Lucy #4

Greetings! It’s been an interesting week around the Fox household as Lucy makes herself at home. She’s doing her best to fit in, and we love her dearly. There are just some things that have to work themselves out. Read on.

Hello, it’s me, Lucy. I don’t know who YOU are. I can’t smell you. There are no butts in my line of sight to sniff. But Mom says you are there, and I trust Mom, so I believe her.

I love my new forever home. I love almost everything about it. Except one thing. It haz cats!! Cats are evil. I’ve tried my best to make friends with both of the cats that live here. The first few days they hid under the bed. That was fine with me. I could smell them but Mom wouldn’t let me get under the bed to meet them.

Then they came out! They were sneaky. Look at this one trying to creepup to me when I’m sleeping next to Mom’s desk. Her name’s Fiona. I brought her my balls to play fetch with me, and all she does is glare at me. When she’s sitting on the kitchen chair and I walk by, she swats at my head with her paw and hisses. She’s very small. Not much bigger than a squirrel. But she’s got a big attitude.
And the other one! His name is Keegan and he’s a big guy for a cat. He hissed and swatted at me when I tried to sniff his butt. I only tried to say hello. It’s not my fault he’s rude and doesn’t sniff in return. He doesn’t run from me like Fiona does. He holds his ground and hisses. Especially in Mom’s lap. We don’t fight over being there, we just try to nudge each other out of the way for space. Mom says we have to share. I think it’s not me that needs the lesson in sharing. It’s those nasty cats.

On a good note though, I had second breakfast today. Dad got up to answer the phone and I ate his sausage and cheese omelet. It was awesome! I even licked the plate clean. It’s going to be a fun day!

Remember, it’s been years since either one of us has had a dog. So it’s the little things the catch us by surprise.

No, she didn’t get yelled at for eating the eggs. It wasn’t her fault because she hadn’t been taught yet not to eat from our plates. The issue hadn’t come up. I was at the stove, and when I turned around there she was standing on the sofa leaning onto the side table, licking the plate to a shine. She looked at me and wagged her tail. Truly, I had to turn away and laugh. How could you not?

Once breakfast was finished however, she did get lessons on not eating from our plates. And she’s fine with it. Have a great weekend everyone!