Friday, June 24, 2011

About Cats

The title is no joke. If you are a person who believes the only good use for a cat is a doorstop, you can stop reading. Otherwise, let’s continue. Shall we?
Lately I’ve become aware of some interesting feline behavior in our household. It’s well, dare I say it? Almost canine. We’ve had our cats going on seven years now. They were one year old rescue cats when we got them. The first few years, they exhibited normal cattitudes about everything.

Now, if we’re in the house, they must be in the same room with us, or they will not stop calling until they are. Much like a three year old. Or a puppy. Not only do they come when called, they respond with a particular sounding ‘meow’. Each one seems to recognize its name.

If they are about to do something they shouldn’t, like get on the counter top, we can point at them, make an “Ah-ah!” sound and they stop what they are doing, and sometimes run the other direction. Again, much like a child, or a dog.

When we have been away, and come home they are both waiting at the door, and ‘talk’ to us as we enter. I find the whole noise making thing very interesting because they never, and I mean NEVER do it to each other. It seems like the longer we have them, the more interactive and personable they become.

And I must add that none of this is motivated by basic necessities such as food, water, litter, etc. They don’t get treats because one has a very sensitive stomach. And will not tolerate any of the several we’ve tried over the years. Food and water are available twenty-four seven so we’ve never had the ‘omg, feed me or I’m going to die!’ issue.

Right now, they are both on my desk sleeping. They seem to be normal healthy cats. But they are the first ones we’ve had so I have no idea if everyone else’s cats do this or not. And that’s the crux of this post. I’ve always heard cats behave in a particular independent fashion which is why a lot of people don’t care for them. Ours don’t seem to do that anymore. Do your cats interact with you in a way that’s really not catlike?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebrate Summer!

With free reads from Lyrical Press.

To celebrate summer, Lyrical Press will be giving away books. No contests, no rules...just visit their store to download that day's book! Yep, that's right. All you have to do is follow them on Twitter or Facebook to watch for the free book announcements.

Here are the links to Facebook and Twitter.
Happy Reading!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Help Author L.A. Banks

In case you've missed this information in your travels around the web, here it is, just for you!

I don't know Leslie, but I do know she's kept me entertained with her stories for hours on end. So how can I not help when she needs it?

Gathering as we do in times of need...
It is with profound sadness that we have received news that, Leslie Esdaile, ("L.A. Banks") is most gravely ill. She is facing an uphill battle in her struggle with serious illness. Please know that as Leslie needs all of her energy in this fight, she is absolutely not able to receive visitors, answer emails, texts or phone calls, or receive flowers.

While your prayers and thoughts are most welcome and needed, a special support website, including an auction has been set up in order to help Leslie with the mounting medical expenses facing her and her family. We'd like to ask if you would consider helping us spread the word about this auction by placing this button on your website, blog, facebook and in your newsletters with a link to this website: for the duration of the auction.

Share Your Heart Auction for Leslie On Ebay
June 21-July 1, 2011
Bids begin at : 9 AM EST (6/21)
Auctions end: 9 PM (7/1)

you must register with Ebay to place bids for the auction (if you are not registered)
Thank you to The Romance Studio for providing this information.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sushi Anyone?

Hey, All! Freshly showered and back from the evil day job which tends to take over my life at times. One thing I do love about all the traveling though is meeting great people and making exciting discoveries along the way. Here’s the latest one.

Have you ever been to Fairhope, Alabama? If not, you should make it a tourist destination if you love beautiful, quaint resort towns, lined with streets of unique shops, and galleries. The street corners are planted with amazing foliage. It was so pretty that when we stopped at the first stoplight, we didn’t go because we were staring in awe at the flowers. Needless to say, the people behind us honked a reminder. Check out the link if you want to see some photos. These are from a Fairhope website, I didn’t take them.
One of the best things about the trip however, was MasterJoes. When trying to decide where to dine for dinner, our clients suggested it. Being sushi lovers, we’ve eaten sushi at a lot of places around the country. And let me tell you, this beats anything we’ve had thus far.

Their website isn’t quite finished, but there’s enough information on it to give you a peek.
If you are ever in southern Alabama, it’s worth the detour to try this establishment. The prices are reasonable, and it’s easy to find since it’s on the main street of Fairhope. The service is outstanding, the staff is very friendly, and the food, well, I’m running out of adjectives. Let me just say it was so good, we went there twice!!