Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Book, Finally!

Please let me shed a few tears of joy over this announcement. Most of you know this has been a long time coming. Actually, so long you probably thought I just made it up. But as of today. It's finally come to pass. My novel now has a life of it's own.
Here's the blurb:
Drive hard. Turn left. Find love…and danger.

Sarah Miller has finally become crew chief for a racing team, but her dream job comes with a hitch—dirt late model driving sensation and the man she swore she’d never see again, her old flame, Damon Blade. 

Damon has too many women trying to run his life: his mother, his sister and his boss. Getting stuck with a female crew chief is the last straw...until he discovers its Sarah. And that someone else from his past is holding a grudge and determined to kill them both.

Balancing dirt track racing and staying away from a murderer has them running three wide. Headed full speed into the turn, will there be room for romance?

Many times over the last couple years I thought this day would never come. I'm sending out a sincere 'Thank You' to everyone who played a part in helping me move this project forward. It wouldn't be where it is without you.