Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Renegade Renovation #4 – Floored!

My apologies for not posting recently. The evil day job turned into an evil day and night job until my task in the big ATL was complete. Thank goodness it’s done and I'm home. Now I can get on to what I really want to tell you about.

Remember all that jazz with the drum sander? After several rounds, a coat of sealer and a coat of finish, the floor looks great! Well, for a sixty year-old floor, it came out pretty good. So it won’t have to be covered with carpet or another kind of flooring. Its unique beauty can shine through. And I can walk around barefoot. Yay.

Take a look. Here’s a before from when I started and the color it is now. Check out the little inlays. Courtesy of moi. Aren’t tools fun? That’s where the old ventilation used to be.

I’m thrilled. Now it’s time to finalize the floor plan before framing starts. Uh oh, I think I feel a headache coming on. Tell me, I wanted all theses choices didn’t I? Sure, I did...

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