Thursday, February 18, 2010

Irritation Nation

Today's Topic - Litter

Honestly. I’m aghast that I’m even writing this. But more than that, consider me supremely irritated.

On a trip out of town recently, I had to attend a public function. Chatting with friends when it was over, I realized we were among the last to depart the venue. Gazing around the nearly vacant stadium, the rows of empty seats were a stark contrast to the floors in front of them, which were littered with empty concessions containers. How hard is it to carry an empty beverage or food container with you, and deposit it in a trash receptacle, on one of many trips to the bathroom?

For whatever reason, this thought stayed with me on the long journey home by car. Traveling through several states this time of year is an ugly process. Nothing is blooming, and unless its snow covered, it’s mostly hues of gray and brown. Except for the bright spots of trash along the highway. Why, oh why, would you throw your trash out of the car window, instead of putting it in the nearest litter can, or carrying it home to be put in your recycle containers? After all, it’s your trash.

Come on people. This is the twenty-first century. We have eBooks, BlackBerries, iPods, iPads, Mac Books and a million other gadgets which supposedly make us more enlightened than our predecessors. If that’s true then the question begs to be asked. What happened to our self-respect? Our commitment and pride in the area in which we live? Our pride in our country? (oh, excuse that last one, it’s not PC to have that anymore. Call me a redneck, because I have it anyway) Did we give them up for the latest gadget?

I’m not your mother. But don’t preach to me about how humans are harming the planet, and deride me about my lifestyle, when you don’t even have the decency to clean up after yourself. Don’t make me break out the crying Indian.


  1. I hear you, sister! I'm even disgusted that they have to introduce litter fines in some parts of England in order for people to put their litter in the trash. I mean, you have to be threatened with a fine before you clean up after yourself?!!

    Another pet peeve - spitters! Don't get me started on THAT one...