Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Renegade Renovation #10 – Shining Light

Do you take lighting for granted? I did.

Have you ever walked through the lighting department at a home improvement store? Of course you have. It’s because whatever you need to purchase will be on the other side of the store. No matter what side you park on, or what door you go in. I swear, it’s like the contents automatically shift when you touch the door handle. Well, okay, not really, but I couldn’t resist the visual of thousands of products virtually changing location. Lol.

Any way, the big announcement this week is…

I have lights!

Not just any lights mind you, these are my lights. This is lighting I will most likely live with the rest of my life. Rooms full of lights, purchased after carefully scouring lighting departments and showrooms from Florida to Indiana and several states in between. There are lighted ceiling fans, sconces, under cabinet lights, vanity lights and even a chandelier or two for good measure. Illumination abounds in the Fox project.

I’m certain there will come a time when, once again, I burst through the doorway, mind occupied with other things, and swipe the light switch without a second thought. But for now, it’s a thrill to enter a room, and have the power to dispel the darkness.


  1. I love choosing from all sorts of designs and finding the one that fits my house perfectly. Congrats on your lights :)

  2. Thanks, Aubrie. It's been interesting. I took it way more seriously than I thought I would. Glad this part is finished. :)

  3. Wow. Dh would say now you're getting somewhere with this remodel, if you've got the lights hung. (and really, that does come near the end). Must be a... ahem... light at the end of your tunnel!