Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Minute Gifts

If you’re like me, your evil day job has put you behind on all the holiday duties you should be doing. Like decorating, baking, sending cards, and shopping. Shopping, nope, I haven’t even started yet. Today will be my first foray into getting the perfect gift.

It’s wonderful to get the gift that’s just right for someone you care about. There’s really nothing better than watching the emotions cross their face as they unwrap something that’s special to them.

I’m doing things a little differently this year though. When I go out today, I’ll be shopping with a purpose. And that purpose is to make a concerted effort to shop locally. I’m either going to buy gifts that help a local charity, or shop at local merchants because they need help just like the rest of us. What better way to buy American than to do it in your own back yard. And help your own community in the process.

Not that malls aren’t great. But small town merchants need love too.

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  1. Plus you can find different things at local shops , than you can find at the mall. Everyone on your list is going to love you. (not that they don't already love you, LOL) What I meant to say was... Go you!