Monday, August 26, 2013

Cover Indecision

There’s a little bit of cover flutter going on in the Fox household these days. I have a happy announcement to make. My first novel, Slide Job (formerly Lion Tamers) is now available again. Yay!!

Which leads me to my next issue. If any of you out there have read it, please chime in. I do value your opinions. I love the shiny new cover. However, I’m not sure it accurately reflects the story.

Here’s the current cover with the white background.

Another issue with this cover, is that as a series, there seems to
be a derriere shortage. Who knew? There aren't enough different ones that fit the format correctly. I guess they could use the same
girl and change the colors, etc. but I'm not sure I like that idea.

And here’s the cover that I really like. But I’ve been told it’s not girlie enough. That romance readers won’t buy it. This is where you come in. Really?

My quandary is that I feel the current cover is a bit misleading in the way that having a half-dressed (although lovely) lady on the cover, would lead one to believe that there’s lots of hot sex. Well, there is some hot sex, but there’s more sexual tension and action, than sex. The title could be misleading also, Slide Job is a racing term, but I've had the occasional snicker that tells me people weren't thinking about racing when they looked at it. Not only that, the white makes me think of a light and airy story. If you've read it, you know it’s not. I don’t do light and airy. So again, I’m lead to the red one.

But ultimately, your opinion matters as well. What do you think? Red or white? Or do you even worry about the cover when you buy a book?


  1. Sports romance seems to be a growing sub-genre right now, so I think the red cover would be great since it has the cars fairly prominent. It really stands out.

  2. Thanks for taking time to comment, Sonya! This whole business makes one neurotic at times. lol!

  3. The red cover stands out to my eye, and it's gritty, shows kissing and cars, which goes well with the story, but I like the white one too with the placement of the, er, derriere. It's nice and simple. So, either would do nicely, IMHO, but my eye IS drawn to the Not sure if that helped. But I am happy to see it coming out again and with a new title and cover, well that just means I'll buy it again ;)

  4. I like both covers. But maybe we should be seeing a dude's rear end instead of a girl's. lol