Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Funny

It’s been one of those days. Already. And it’s not even noon. Thought I’d give you a laugh today at my expense.

Sometimes you have to work really hard, right? Put in long hours to finish a job and do it right. I did that last week. In Atlanta. You must appreciate the irony. Um, didn’t I just move away from there? Yep. At any rate, the job is done, and today, I need a wheelbarrow to carry my tired butt around.

First thing this morning, I get up, without coffee, and turn on my computer to start playing a little catch up on emails. And it dies. Like funny lines on the screen and making non-stop beeping, fan running constantly noises.

My partner, who knows about these things, says we must make a trip for parts. As I’m leaving the house, I lock the front door, pull it shut, and give it one last tug. The doorknob comes off in my hand. Wtf? Did I mention the building/home is old? Guess it’s older than I thought. For the moment, I just stuff it back in the hole. I’ll deal with it later.

Made it to the store, got computer parts. I slide my debit card through the payment machine and when I touch it to enter my pin, the little screen goes black. I am so not kidding here. The apologetic sales clerk cannot figure out why my partner and I are shaking our heads and laughing like loons. Between us, we have just enough cash to cover the bill. Which we simply hand her, and walk out, sans change.

When we get in the car, we look wide-eyed at each other, still giggling. He says, nearly begging, “Please, please, don’t touch anything else.”

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