Monday, November 9, 2009

Renegade Renovation #7 – Framed!

I’ve got walls! Well, er, sort of. The framing is finished, bringing the floor plan to life. Now I can really see where the rooms will be, how they feel, and look. And I’m still living, the framers didn’t do away with me.

The reason being, they were supposed to arrive about three weeks ago or so. And then they called and said they were running a week behind. Well. That’s not uncommon in construction, with all the job shuffling they have to do. But what it did for me, was bring my attention back to the floor plan.

Now mind you, this plan was drawn and set in stone months and months ago. I was happy with it. Until I looked at it again. Now it looked like a bunch of square blocks on a page. So I got my chalk line out, and laid it out on the floor. And it still looked like a bunch of square blocks. Eww. No character at all. Um, okay maybe it represented my personality, but I swear that’s not who I am on the inside.

I grabbed a black marker and drew angles on the floor. Cutting off sharp corners and replacing them with angles. Setting perfectly straight walls at a slant. And guess what? I loved it. The person who’s job it was to transfer the angles to a drawing didn’t love it. But bless him, he did it anyway.

And when the framers came in, they didn’t bat an eye. I did catch a brief eye roll, and pretended not to notice. Professionals to the end, they built it just like it was drawn. Now, it’s got character.

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