Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Renegade Renovation #8 – Kitchen Cabinets?

For those of you who don’t know me, let me clarify. I don’t cook. Well, I try. But I’ll not be getting an honorary diploma from Waffle House, let alone Le Cordon Bleu any time soon. Recipes are things which remain a mystery to me, and trust me, all of us are perfectly happy with this arrangement.

Which brings me to my next issue in this building-wide renovation. What to do with the kitchen. The reality of it is, the kitchen is a place I used to walk through on the way to my office. However, it is also the place where coffee, nectar of the Gods, is brewed and stored, so there is a level of importance here.

But come on, cabinets? I’ve lived in so many rental homes, they all had cabinets. Of some form or another. Now I have to actually decide what kind to have? My whole life it’s been a decision made by someone else. You write the deposit and first months rent check and pronto, you get a complete kitchen.

These days, my life is filled with kitchen designer magazines, and kitchen websites. I haunt the appliance isles at every home improvement store I enter. I’m obsessed, I tell you. Do I build one to impress my friends? That won’t work, they know me. They’ll know right off I can’t work any of those fancy gadgets. Maybe one to impress my family when they come to visit? Nah, same story. I know, I know, *waving hands* I’ll build one for the man in my life to use. Ahhh, deep breath here.

Problem solved.


  1. Be sure to add a Nescafe Dolce Gusto to it. Gave one to hubby and daughter for Christmas and I LOVE it. Seconds to a great cup of foofoo coffee or hot chocolate. Yummy. Got some syrup at the local coffe house to add as well. This thing is awesome.

  2. Keep in mind, when you're a bazillionaire in the next coupla years, your sous chef will want some nice cabinetry to work with!

  3. Jasmine, I'll keep the foofoo coffee maker in mind. In my world, one can never have too much coffee.

  4. Piper, Good point. LOL. Someone's got to use it.