Thursday, December 24, 2009

Waiting For Revenge by Autumn Piper


One good heartbreak deserves another.

Mandy plans to leave her husband the minute their month of counseling is over. How can she forgive his outrageous affair? It would almost be funny if the consequences weren't so harsh. They've got kids, and families with strong -- and warped -- opinions on marriage.

Her aunt thinks she should take a page from the black widow spider. Her brother's begging to avenge her broken heart, and their marriage counselor offers to play the willing victim in some payback sex.

While her clueless husband launches a campaign to win her back, Mandy meets Adam, the perfect shoulder to cry on. Will perfect justice prove just how sweet revenge can be when you wait for it?

Content Warning: Real people aren't all good or all bad. Neither are the characters in this story. The shade of right or wrong you see may depend upon whose glasses you are looking through.

My Review

Ms. Piper has written a very unique story which captured me from the first page. I applaud her courage in taking on non-traditional subject matter, and handling it beautifully.

Although the characters deal with issues which are common enough to make them your neighbors, the story reveals an extrodinary depth of spirit and struggle not only women, but men face in relationships.

Mandy will make you laugh and cry as she works her way through an unrelenting set of challenges with love for her children, amazing strength and courage that will have you cheering. While at the same time, Adam will steal your heart with not only his looks, but his patience and perseverance.

If you’re looking for something a little different, I highly recommend this book. It kept me so enthralled; I read it in one sitting!


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