Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friends, Followers, and Other Stalkers

Enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning, I perused the recent posts of blogs I follow. As I read one of my pal’s posts about ‘unfollowing’ someone, I thanked goodness that I’d at least posted this week so she wouldn’t be using that term for me. At least not yet. But it did make me wonder, why do we follow people?

Continuing the morning ritual, I checked my facebook page for requests, and discovered I received two from people I didn’t know, and one from an old high school friend, which brightened the day. While there, I sent two friend requests and ‘liked’ an author whose book I recently finished and enjoyed. At the same time became irritated because there is someone on my list who posts every single day about her book being for sale. Grrr. If I buy it, will she go away and leave me alone??? But couldn’t bring myself to unfriend her, just yet. After all, she’s doing more marketing than I am at the moment, and I do applaud her for it, so for now we’re even.

I love to follow my friends and fellow authors because I feel it keeps me connected and I have a way of knowing what’s going on in their lives. I follow or friend them everywhere I can. I do it to authors whose work I enjoy as a way of supporting them. So here’s the truth of the matter. It makes me feel good. If you knew me, you’d know anything that makes people ‘feeeeeel’ good makes my eye twitch.

But strangely enough it does. It’s become more than marketing, as I find myself invested in things that are going on in others people’s lives, some of whom I don’t even know except by their avatar. When I read they’ve signed a new contract or something else good, it brightens my day.

So, I’m curious. Why do you follow, friend and tweet? And over time, has the way you feel about it changed?

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  1. I follow you because you always have something relevant or funny to say!
    And it makes me "feel" good. LOL

    Sorry I've been such an absentee friend busy I still haven't gotten around to unfollowing Meg. (who hasn't posted in a year. Hello??? Like, delete the blog, already, right?)

    But you won't ever shake me!