Friday, May 13, 2011

Green's Fees

By Jasmine Black

Who’s your caddy?

Pro-golfer, Mallory “Birdie” Bird is in a slump. Financially cut off by her father, she’s desperate to increase her winnings. Living with the guilt over a two-year old tragic event, she’ll do whatever it takes to iron out her game…even hire a new caddy.

Caddy Green Sloan’s the best in the business. He knows the game better than anyone, and he’s never seen a green he couldn’t read. But he’s got a shady past he can’t shake, and no one’s willing to take a chance on him. That is, until a wee bird enters his clubhouse.

But she’s snooty. And he’s arrogant. Together, they spar nonstop. Driven by necessity and fueled by passion, they need each other on and off the course. But can they let go of the past and learn to trust again?

A wonderfully bawdy tale, Greens Fees is the most erotic of the four stories. Ms. Black has created a thoroughly believable situation and peopled it with characters that shine in their ambition to do good, even though they’ve made mistakes in the past. The story is touching in the way that it showcases just how difficult living with ones choices can be.

Mallory Bird is a determined young woman who’s trying to do the right thing, even though it would be far easier not to. Her character arc is perfect for such a short story. She grows and learns just as we all do, by trial and error, with the support of good people around us.

Green Sloan is a thoroughly reluctant hero, and I just love those. He’s a good man who’s made mistakes and is unwavering in his desire to make amends. While his methods are typically male, his heart shines through even though he’d rather hide it behind a pint of Guinness.

This story is the perfect read for a light bit of spicy entertainment. Since Ms. Black is one of my CP’s you could say I’m partial. What I say is, I believe this is the best work she’s ever done, and you should read it.

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