Monday, May 16, 2011

Irish Ice

By Emly Forrest
Danger and romance ignite when Irish Eyes turn into Irish Ice.

A killer is on the loose in Boston with possible IRA connections and ties to murders in London. When Jessica Grandville lands in Beantown for business, she's charmed by Colin Keane, a much younger and sexy Northern Irishman.

As Jessica and Colin's brief liaison develops into the start of a serious relationship, she begins to suspect there is more to him than meets the eye. Dragged into a web of danger and intrigue, she believes Colin is directly involved in the murders. And although attracted to his warmth and wit, she fears his fierce temper.
Jessica must decide if she’s willing to sacrifice her comfortable, yet dull, existence to pursue a relationship with the man whose loving eyes can turn in an instant into Irish ice.

Jessica Grandville takes her work and her life very seriously. She’s a great Mom, a talented ad exec, and a woman who lives her life alone for personal reasons. She’s blindsided by her attraction to a younger man because mature responsible women just don’t give in to their needs. Like most women, she puts herself, and her needs last.

Colin Keane is fierce, proud, passionate, and torn by his loyalties. Pulled into a dark and deadly world, he wants to make his choices count. To do it, he sacrifices much. When he finds a woman who soothes his battered soul, he is faced with yet another painful choice.

 Ms. Forrest penned a gripping tale that grabbed me on page one, and wouldn’t let go. Her characters are so well drawn and lifelike, I could totally see this plotline playing out in today’s modern world. If you are a fan of romantic suspense, and like a little danger to spice up the passion, I highly recommend this story.

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  1. I loved these two characters. Was holding my breath to the end to see if Colin was the good guy, or bad. :)