Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Days

If you are a writer, you probably do the same thing I do, which is follow lots of marketing blogs geared towards authors. Lately there have been a plethora of articles on how best to market one’s work. In other words, build the best possible platform to get others to notice your writing, and perhaps buy something you are selling.
Here’s what you need to do according to the pros:
1.   Get personal – people want to know what a writer’s life is really like.

2.   Be professional – you are a professional, keep things on a professional level, don’t whine on about your personal life.

3.   Get involved in social media. Make sure you are all over facebook, twitter, google+, tumblr, etc.

4.   Don’t depend on social media. What if the powers that be decide you’ve done something wrong and delete your page? Then where will you be.

5.   Be real. These days’ people want to be around people who are authentic.

6.   Don’t be too real. Nobody cares what you had for lunch. They want what they are having.
After reading all that, the only thing I want is an adult beverage. Now that things are clear as mud, the best thing you can do is work to build a balanced marketing platform. Don’t be scared off or intimidated by all the advice that’s out there. Use your common sense. No matter where you choose to place your efforts, building a following is an investment over time.
Hey, if I can do this, anybody can. :)


  1. LOL! Definitely a lot of conflicting "advice" out there. I think you're a marketing star, though. An expert. :)