Friday, April 12, 2013

Life with Lucy #9

Happy Friday, Everyone. Lucy’s back this week with a tale of woe…be sure to give her a hug at the end would you?

 Hi, it’s me, Lucy. I’ve had a tough week. Really it was the weekend that got me. My pack left me to
go to Atlanta for a wedding. I had to spend two nights by myself at the kennel!! I love the kennel lady. She is so nice to me. But I have to sleep by myself and be all alone without my pack and I don’t like it. At all! I scratched and scratched at the door, and barked. No one would take me home. When I went out for my walk, I didn’t want to go back in my kennel.

Then Mom and Dad came back and I was so happy! I jumped up and down, turned in circles and licked them like crazy.

Yesterday I got to go out in the rain and play in the mud. It’s fun to chase a ball in the mud. You should try it sometime. It’s slippery and gooey between your toes. Then you get to lick yourself dry. Yum.

It’s sunny today, so Mom says we’re going to the park for a walk. Won’t that be fun!
Lucy needed her rain coat this week
Lucy did have a tough weekend. Lest you think we’ve gotten the perfect dog, she does suffer from separation anxiety in a big way. It was heartbreaking to have to leave her, so we made the trip as short as possible. Fortunately our kennel keeper understands, so she spends as much time as possible with Lucy, and takes very good care of her.

We are addressing the problem, but it takes months to work it out. We’re starting by teaching her to stay, which she does beautifully most of the time. Now she’ll stay on her blanket while we’re out of sight for about twenty minutes. She knows we’re still in the house, but she’s stopped whining and scratching at the door if she doesn’t see us. She just sits and waits. So it is getting better. We just have to be consistent, and patient enough to let time do its work. And truly, she’s worth every minute. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion.


  1. Aw. Poor girl. She loves you guys so much!

    1. We spent the whole time away talking about the dog. lol. We love her too.

  2. Lucy is so sweet!!! Hugs all round for being brave and making it through the weekend apart. I bet she was happy to see the cats too when she came home. (Though they probably glared at you as if to say, "Whaddya mean you brought her back??? lol) Great post!

    1. Right, Kate! Especially Fiona. We got one of those special cat glares that they are so good at. lol.

  3. Replies
    1. Of course she talks. I wouldn't have any other kind...:)