Monday, April 1, 2013

Ten Quickies with Sutton

Today we're adding something a little different here at Fox Tales. For guest authors, they can choose to just answer ten quickies, instead of writing a guest post. For those of you who do blog tours, it's our effort to ease the brain strain of constantly trying to think up something new. Plus it will still give all of our lovely readers a feel for the author.

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't answer them myself first. So here goes:

1. Mountains or Beaches? Mountains. Born and raised in Colorado. Need I say more?

2. Early Morning or Late Night? Truly? Neither. I’m a middle of the day kind of person.

3. High Heels or Sneakers? Anyone who follows me on Pinterest knows high heels are my own private fetish. Oops! Did I say that out loud?

4. Summer or Winter? Summer. The longer I live, the less I like the cold.

5. Wine or Chocolate? Wine. I’m really not much of a chocolate person, unless it’s made into a martini…

6. Pen or Laptop? Laptop. I could live without one, but it would be ugly.

7. Sports Car or Motorcycle? Sports Car. Or rather, super car. The Mercedes McLaren is my fav, even though they’re out of production.

8. Gold or Silver? Gold. Value aside, I like the color.

9. Appetizer or Dessert? Appetizer. More often than not, I prefer savory or salty, to sweet.

10. Kindle or Paperback? Kindle. Sometimes a paperback, but that’s happening less and less as time goes on.

There you have it. Leave a comment if there's something else you're dying to know about your favorite author. We can always update the list.


  1. :) How 'bout "polished nails, or natural?"
    "rainy day or sunshine?"
    "Duck Dynasty or the Kardashians?" lol

    I dunno. Just throwing some crazy stuff out there.

    1. Ha! These are great. lol. Duck Dynasty for sure.

  2. Oooh, fun! I'm pretty sure I could not live without chocolate, myself. What about...tea or coffee?