Friday, March 29, 2013

Life with Lucy #8

Lucy trying to get Keegan to play ball. Again.
Greetings! Lucy has this week off, so I get to tell her story of the week. Well, she thinks it’s kind of my story…

If you’ve been following along you know about her trying to get along with the cats. She’s made the most headway with Keegan as you can see.

Our nightly habit has been for me to sit on the sofa and she lies against my leg while the cat sleeps on my lap. He’s a big guy, nineteen pounds, so there’s no extra space. Every night they’ve been getting closer and closer, now they sleep with their heads almost touching.

One night this week Lucy raised her head and sniffed Keegan and he didn’t move right away. The cat just looked at her. Then he got up, turned around so his behind was towards her. She put her head back down, and he takes his tail and starts flicking the tip of it on the dog’s head.

At this point, I’m feeling really mother nature-ish. ‘Look! They’re having a silent conversation! How sweet! I knew they’d be great friends!’ *Sigh* Aren’t I smug?

While petting both of them, I look up to see what the guy with the remote is watching on television. I look back down just as the dogs mouth is getting ready to close around the cats tail.

I did what any girl would do. Made that horrible, “Eeep!!” sound we all hate, yet can’t seem to stop doing when faced with bad surprises and about jumped out of my skin. This action promptly surprised both animals and they leapt to the floor simultaneously. They looked at me, then at each other. If only you could have seen their faces. I realize they are animals, not human, but the, “What’s her problem?” expression still came through loud and clear.


  1. lol. I can just imagine that scene so clearly!! Glad they're starting to get along now. Soon they'll be playing behind your back and plotting world domination together ;)

  2. LOL! You know Lucy would've ended up on the bad end of that stick. Kinda glad you prevented it!

    1. Oh yeah. The funny thing is that Lucy carries so many things around in her mouth, I wondered if she wanted to see if this was something else she could carry. Still, it wouldn't have gone well.:)