Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life with Lucy #6

Happy, Saturday! Thanks for tuning to check up on our dearest, Lucy. To quote a popular dog personality, ‘You don’t get the dog you want; you get the dog you need.’ Well, I’m not sure what that says about us because Lucy fits just right. She’s not perfect, but her shortcomings of which there are few, don’t seem to blow us out of the water or anything.

So here she is to talk about one of her favorite subjects – the ball.

Hi, y’all. It’s me, Lucy. Do you have a ball? I love balls. I carry them around, I chase them, I chew on them, and I play fetch. And keep away, which my Mom is diligently trying to talk me out of. But it’s so fun! I don’t want to stop playing keep away. Balls make me feel good. Yellow, blue, orange with holes, bigger blue with holes, a pink rubbery thing, and my very favorite, tennis balls.

Catz don’t play with balls. At least the catz in my house don’t. Just this morning I brought my very favorite tennis ball to Keegan and dropped it right at his feet. Ask Mom, I don’t do that often. I wagged my tail and sat, waiting for him to throw the ball. He hissed at me. Actually hissed! Catz are just rude.

I’ve got to go. All this thinking about balls has made me want to go outside and play keep away with Mom. See you next week!

Here’s our lovely girl with her favorite toy. Wishing each of you a weekend full of love.