Friday, March 8, 2013

Life with Lucy #7

It’s Friday. I’m not much of a ‘squee’ girl, but if there’s one thing that makes me happy just by its very existence, it’s Friday. Well, okay, Saturday. And Friday is like Saturday eve. It’s also Lucy’s day here at Fox Tales and she’d like to talk to you about things that make her happy.

The pink squeeky dog goes on lots of trips.
Hello, it’s Lucy time. Do you have things in your life that make you happy? I do. My toys. I love my toys. I carry them around all the time. When I’m not carrying balls, that is. I play with them, and I throw them around. I give them to the nasty cats, but they don’t appreciate the simplicity of my happiness. Mom even lets me take them on car trips!

My dog’s life is good. People could learn from a dog’s life. Do you have toys? Not like yachts, airplanes or race cars, but simple toys. A piece of rope or a stick works too. Get someone to throw it for you. Then run like the wind, all out. Chase it high and low, not worrying about the weather, your boss, or your significant other. I do that with my Mom. She throws the ball or my hedgehog and I run. Simple. Just run. Of course its way more fun to run all out, in circles, around Mom. She laughs. I smile. It’s all good.

Her beloved hedgehog.

Maybe it’s the point in life I’m at, or whatever a therapist would say, but Lucy not only brings me happiness, she’s one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever seen. And it’s not about us, she was that way when we met her. She wags her tail, her body, and you can just see the happiness shining out of her eyes. It’s really made me think about how complicated we make our own life. I’m starting to pay more attention to the little things and how hard I make things. All by myself. Now that I’m aware, it must be time for change.

You go on, now. Have yourself a great weekend. And find some simple toys to play with, would ya. Much love, Lucy and Sutton.


  1. LOL. I bet you never imagined how much joy she'd bring you when you went looking, eh? :)

    1. No. I really didn't. I didn't imagine all the cleaning up either. LOL!

  2. You are so right...we do complicate things sometimes. It's awesome that Lucy has brought your so much joy! Keep smiling :)