Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Favorite Romance Trope

Romance tropes are many, and yet, so few. They are used again and again, because they are timeless. They can be refashioned or refurbished to fit any time frame. And here we are, year after year, sucking them up like oxygen. Why? Because we love them! There doesn’t have to be another reason, folks.
Here’s a list of the most often used. At the end I’ll tell you my favorite if you tell me yours.
  • Best friends turned lovers
  • May/December
  • Secret crush
  • Love triangle
  • Secret baby
  • Arranged marriage
  • Enemies turned lovers
  • Governess to wife
  • Reformed rake
  • Reunion or reunited lovers
  • Secret love
  • One character physically unattractive/disabled
  • Best friends little sister
Actually I have three. Enemies to lovers would be number one because sparks fly in these. I love the challenges this presents to the characters. Reformed rakes are awesome - who doesn’t love the soft side of a hardass? And lastly, one character physically unattractive/disabled because these characters have amazing hidden strengths and the trials they must overcome to find love make for a fantastic story.
I shared mine. Now what’s your favorite?


  1. My absolute favorite is reunion or reunited lovers. For some reason these stories just pull at the heartstrings.
    I'm also a fan of Secret Love and Reformed Rake.

    Love talking about these.

    1. Me too! Thanks so much for the follow, and thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.

  2. I like "Arranged marriage", "reunited lovers", and "One character physically unattractive/disabled". There's so much room for depth in the story for the characters to overcome their flaws and grow together. Great post, Sutton!

    1. Thanks, Kate. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

  3. I love enemies turned lovers. Those have so much built in conflict. I think best friends also make a fun book.

    1. Best friends do make a fun book. I wish I could write those. lol. Thanks for stopping by, Julie!

  4. I like enemies turned lovers, but also coworkers turned lovers...and pretty much everything on your list. lol

  5. Really. I wouldn't have guessed. LOL!!