Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is This What Guys Do?

Have any of you race fans seen the new Denny Hamlin commercial? The search for a link proved fruitless, maybe because it’s still being aired. For those of you who may not know, Denny drives the number 11, NASCAR Sprint Cup, FedEx Toyota Camry, for Joe Gibbs Racing.

The short version is this:

Denny Hamlin in a driveway with his driver’s suit down to his waist. There he stands bare chested, washing his car. He looks up, blows a kiss and says, “It’s Denny time.” Then proceeds to drive a woman around on her errands, fix her a cup of tea while she relaxes, etc. It’s maybe a little corny, but very cute.

The point is, his abs and the rest of his upper body muscle would rival those from the set of the movie 300. I love it. Of course as soon as I mentioned how appealing I thought it was the following conversation took place.

Me: “Oh, wow. Wait. Back up. I want to see that commercial.”

The Man in the House: “With Denny Hamlin? You liked that?”

Me: “Yeah.”

TMH: “Those abs aren’t real.”

Me: “Who cares?”

TMH: “They’re cgi.”

Me: “So? I’m not bringing him home. It’s eye candy.”

TMH: “They’re fake.”

Me, getting irritated: “I don’t care. I like the premise.”

TMH: “But it’s not real.”

Me: “Well, breast implants aren’t real either. Are they?”


Perhaps it’s just the thought of a half-naked hottie waiting on me hand and foot. Or, uh, something. *insert wicked smile here* All of you romance writers/readers out there totally get it, I’m sure.

Younger guys aren’t usually attractive to me, but I admit, watching this commercial leaves me feeling a bit cougarish.

Now that I think about it, I’m not even sure what he’s selling. I’d buy it. But maybe I should watch it again to find out. And that’s what led me to wonder, is this what guys do?

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  1. Ha! PART of it is what guys do--the part where you see someone attractive and get, well... attracted. But the part about making sense of it, or justifying it? A dude would just shrug and say, "She's hot. So what?" LOL

    Hubby laughs at me because I get that way with the dude on the Pom Wonderful ads. So I totally get where you're coming from--and I'll be watching for the Denny ad. :)

    Congrats on "discovering" some new inspiration...