Thursday, April 21, 2011

Readaholics Anonymous?

Does anyone know if they exist? Maybe this post should be titled confessions of a reading addict.

When computers first hit the market, everyone proclaimed they would get rid of the paper in our world. Everything would be electronic. Then along came ereaders, and they were going to get rid of hardback and paperback books.

Thus far both have turned out to be bovine efluvium.

Now there is not only a TBR stack or three in my office, there are TBR files on my computer, and my ereader!

Not to mention the actual magazines that come in the mail. I'm not resubscribing, in an effort to actually be more environmentally conscious, but I must have gotten on somebody's list once because I get quite a few. And I've found with some, even if I don't resubscribe, they keep sending them anyway!

Then there are several email newsletters, okay, more than several.

It seems as though everywhere I look there's something to read. If confession is good for the soul, I admit, I'm the cause of this. I had to subscribe, I have to find out the end of the story after reading the blurb, I want to know what the rest of the world is doing. And the way I do this is by reading! And let's not even mention the social networking stuff, egads.

It seems as though these new geeky gadgets have really just tripled the workload, instead of making things disappear. Some days don't you just feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all?  How do you handle it?

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  1. Oh, God. I'm with you. And what's worse is, when my last computer crashed, one of the things I really wanted to recover was the file with a list of books... To Be Read. LOL

    I'm down to just 1 magazine, and sadly enough, some months I don't finish it before the next issue comes.

    Paperbacks on the shelves, library books renewed but not yet read, ebooks on the reader waiting for me, free ebooks from giveaways and customer appreciation on the ocmputer, waiting to go to the ereader...books on my iPhone. Yep. I'm so with ya.