Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Format Change

Looking for your next favorite author? This just might be the place you’ll find them. Starting this Friday, a new format is coming to Fox Tales. And it’s not the ‘sporadic or no posts at all’ version you’ve grown used to.

Monday Mii – Yes, I have a little red-headed mii. At this time she lives in Chicago on my niece’s Wii, but I love her just the same. This’ll be all that behind the scenes stuff people always wonder about writers. In other words, just the boring details about my personal life. I promise not to post what I had for lunch. Unless it involves me cooking it, which sometimes is quite humorous.

Writer Wednesday – All the writer-ly stuff you can imagine. I’ll continue posts from Writer Biz, Novel Work, and throw in any other writing related goodies that pique my interest.

Fan Friday – Here’s the biggie. Although I write romance, I’m an eclectic reader. I love lots of different genres. So Fridays will be devoted to other author’s guest posts. That way you don’t have to read about me, ad nauseam. And you can add more books to your TBR list.

Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like an excellent plan! Can't wait. :)

  2. I love the new schedule! Don't worry, I can't cook well, either!