Friday, November 18, 2011

Break Out

This week we have a very special guest for you. All of you know that paranormal is my absolute favorite genre to read, so it is with great joy that I welcome paranormal author Nina Croft.

Nina has a special gift for those of you who follow Fox Tales. She'll be giving one lucky commenter an ebook copy of book one of The Blood Hunter series, Break Out. So be sure to leave a comment and let us know you visited today.

I promise I’ll try to be still and not interrupt too much. Let’s get started!

 1. From your website, I see that you write paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy. What did you write first? And why were you drawn to it?

Actually, I first started out trying to write contemporary category romance. I submitted a few partials to Harlequin, got some encouraging rejections – they tended to like my voice but said I had way too much external conflict.

Then I realized I was reading far more paranormal romances than contemporary. Being a strong believer in writing the sorts of things you love to read, I decided to have a go. And loved it right from the start.

I think what really draws me to all forms of speculative fiction is the fact that absolutely anything can happen; the only limitation is your imagination.

2. Always curious about methods, are you a pantser or a plotter?

I’m a total plotter. I’ve tried both methods and if I try and pants it, I get lost in the middle and end up having to go back and do massive rewrites. So now, I plot. I outline and I do a scene by scene breakdown. Then I write a fast first draft. I’ve found it works best for me; I can concentrate on what the characters are doing in a given scene, without worrying about the bigger picture. It also gives me time to get to know the characters before I actually start writing.

3. Do you prefer music or white noise when you write, or is absolute quiet a must?

Quiet isn’t a must, but I don’t tend to listen to music when I write. Not because it distracts me, but because I end up just not noticing it, so there’s no point. Often if I’m stuck, then I’ll put some music on, and it often helps me through the rough patch.

4. You are an avid reader, as well as an author. Can you tell us what author is at the top of your auto-buy list? 

 It changes, but right now, Patricia Briggs, JR Ward, Jim Butcher, Janet Evanovitch, Karen Marie-Moning, Harlan Coben…

5. When you’re not writing, or reading, what do you like to do with your spare time?

I live on an almond farm in the mountains of Southern Spain. There are often chores to do around the farm; weeding, pruning, picking, making wine (we have a small vineyard). I also have a few dogs and enjoy taking them for walks. And I have a horse called Gencianna, so I ride most days. I’m also quite fond of lying under an almond tree, drinking wine, and admiring the view.

What incredible scenery! It would be hard to get any work done with a view like that. I commend you on your discipline.

6. As a lover of the creative process, where did you get the idea for your current release?

The Blood Hunter series is a mixture of genres. It’s science fiction, with a paranormal twist and a whole load of romance.

I’ve always been a huge fan of space opera, and I absolutely loved Joss Whedon’s Firefly. It was after watching this for the third time that I decided I wanted to write a space adventure. But I also love anything paranormal, so when the pilot of my space ship, El Cazador, kept hinting that he might be a vampire, I thought—why not.

7. Tell us about the series.

The Blood Hunter series is set in the future, where man has fled to the stars and there they have discovered the secret of immortality—Meridian. Extremely rare and exorbitantly expensive, Meridian is only available to a select few, and a new class has evolved—The Collective. Immensely rich and immortal they rule the civilized universe.

The series follows the adventures of the crew of the space ship, El Cazador, each book focusing on the romance of one crew member. Break Out, book 1, follows the romance of Ricardo Sanchez, owner, pilot and vampire and how he falls for a mysterious blonde, Skylar Rossario, who employs the crew to break her brother out of the Collective’s maximum security prison.

Book 2, Deadly Pursuit, releases this month. The book takes place in the aftermath Break Out, and follows the romance Skylar’s ‘brother’ who just happens to be a werewolf.

Break Out

The year is 3048, Earth is no longer habitable, and man has fled to the stars where they’ve discovered the secret of immortality—Meridian. Unfortunately, the radioactive mineral is exorbitantly expensive and only available to a select few. A new class comprised of the super rich and immortal soon evolves. The Collective, as they’re called, rule the universe.

Two-thousand-year-old Ricardo Sanchez, vampire and rogue pilot of the space cruiser, El Cazador, can’t resist two things: gorgeous women and impossible jobs. When beautiful Skylar Rossaria approaches him to break a prisoner out of the Collective’s maximum security prison on Trakis One, Rico jumps at the chance. Being hunted by the Collective has never been so dangerous–or so fun!

 8. What’s next for Nina?

I’m currently writing book 3 of my Blood Hunter series, but I’m also revisiting some of those contemporaries I wrote, and hopefully they’ll be released next year.

9. Where can we find you?


Thank you very much for spending time with us today, Nina. We wish you the greatest of success with your series!


  1. How pretty! I always envisioned you racing across a field, getting knocked over by almonds, but I guess it's pretty mountainous over there since you do live on the side of the mountain. lol. Always learning new things about you, i told you!

  2. Hi, Nina!
    You do write in beautiful scenery. I think I need to take a vacation and come write with you!

  3. OH, wow. Breathtaking view. My hubby's family is Basque and we keep wanting to go visit them (Sumbilla, Navarro), but haven't yet made it. Your series sounds fascinating!

  4. Hi Clarissa - no not much racing about - I'd be too scared of falling over the edge...

  5. Jennifer - I definitely think we need a PC writers' retreat!

  6. Thank you Piper. I think Navarro is about as far as you can get from us in Spain, but it is supposed to be beautiful so hope you get to visit.

  7. A plotter. I love plotting, too. Like you, i get stuck trying to get the whole picture when I'm mired in the smaller scenes.

    Congrats on all your success.

  8. I'm so not a plotter and I kinda think I should be *grin* - I didn't know you broke it down to scene by scene, that's awesome!
    And who needs music in the background when you have those gorgeous views!
    Great interview - congrats on all your books!

  9. Great questions, Sutton!
    And great answers, Nina. :)
    Congratulations and best of luck to you.

  10. Hi Nina. I am a lover of sci-fi and romance and your novel sounds like an interesting read. Will have to check it out. Very envious of your scenery. Almond trees. Riding your horse. I can almost feel the warm breeze and smell the grapes as they become ripe. *sigh* Just had our first taste of snow here for the season, lol. But the cold is good for tucking into the laptop for some heavy writing. If nothing else, it keeps the fingers warm. :)
    Sutton: Another great interview! Congratulations to you both on continued success. ~Kate

  11. Hi Bethanne - I think it's a matter of working out what works best for you. I actually always wanted to be a pantser - one of those people who just sit down and fabulous stories emerge. Alas, it is not to be!

  12. Hi Debora - I actually use a piece of free software for the scene-by-scene thing, called ywriter - it's great and really helps you to keep track (and gives you something to play with when you're stuck!)

  13. Thanks Tina - we all need all the luck we can get!

  14. Hi Kate - we actually get snow here as well - because we're so high up in the mountains, but it is beautiful. And we just build a big log fire(almond logs of course) and keep warm!

  15. Great to get to know you better, Nina. I gobbled Break Out in one sitting after reading the excerpt! Love Rico! I can't wait to read Deadly Pursuit. Which member of the crew is Book 3 about?