Friday, November 11, 2011

What's A Wallbanger?

Most of us know what a wallbanger is. Or what it used to be. A book that was so terribly written, or that had such an unsatisfactory ending, that out of sheer frustration a reader would either literally or figuratively, throw it against the wall.

With the advent of ereaders, and tablet computers, I'm thinking we need a new term. I don't know about you, but I've come across a couple novels I would consider wallbangers recently. In light of the cost of my handy, dandy portable reading device, I practice restraint and don't toss it across the room.

But that doesn't negate the fact that there are still books that raise that emotion. So what do we call them now?

Is there a new phrase I'm not aware of? Or can we think of one?

What do we call the modern day wallbanger? Using a term that's acceptable in a PG13 situation, of course.

Looking for input here. Please feel free to comment. And after that, have yourself a great weekend!


  1. Hm. I know just what you're talking about. Have had a few of those book files "linger" (a la stale odor) on my Reader after I've gotten bored/irritated/fed up with the book and left it behind for better reads.

    So... if it was a book we had no intentions of ever finishing, it'd eventually end up in the Recycle Bin on our computer. But what if we were using a Kindle or iPad? We'd delete it directly from the device.

    Instant Delete? Delete Without Remorse? Deletable? Trash File? Cyber Waste?

    How about if we cover the fact that the file takes up space? Spacewaster?

    If you don't take old files off the device, they eventually slow it down. But that may only be a Sony issue.

    Since it's so easy to get rid of, how about we just call it... Gonja. LOL. I dunno. I do know in my case it's usually an Eyeroll, then Delete.

    Although honestly, I don't delete the actual file on my computer. Something about all the time (and sometimes money, if it wasn't a free read) it took to download. So I should have a Regret Folder. Maybe those ebooks are Regret Folder Fodder.


  2. It's "A book that makes me sit at the computer and write my own"!

  3. I like Piper's idea of Spacewaster. Seems to really fit.

  4. How about a "cyber flush"?
    Not to dramatic though, huh? Same with phones now. You can't slam a phone down anymore. YOu only can click it off. LOL

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