Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Don't Argue for Your Darlings

One of the blogs I subscribe to has a great post today, so I thought I'd share it. If you are a writer and don't follow this blog, you might want to consider it.

The post is longish, but the points are so true and worth reading. Because it's almost a knee jerk reaction to defend our work, especially those darlings that we've slaved over for hours on end. Keith Cronin does a fabulous job of explaining why as writers we might not want to do that.

Okay, I confess. I may have done it a time or two. My CP's have always kindly and respectfully put me in my place. They are priceless. Truly.


  1. Great post. Thanks for the link to Writer Unboxed. Very interesting site!

    1. Thanks, Kate. They do have a lot to offer. And have given me the proverbial kick in the pants a time or two. lol.