Saturday, July 6, 2013

Life with Lucy #15

Hey, all! Lucy and I are back to show you what we’ve been up to lately. And yes, it’s Saturday, not Friday, but I’m nothing if not sporadic.

I was given a gift in May. A child between jobs came to stay, looking for chores to do for some extra bucks. Ha! You know if you own a home that there’s always a to-do list that you never quite get to. And bless him; he worked his way right through it. Finally, it came up that I’ve been thinking about this little plot that’s a pain to mow and turning it into some sort of flowery, herby, garden-y something. So he could literally dig the grass out if he wanted. Kinda shows how far down the list we’d gotten. I’m thinking it would be a few days’ work.

Well, what do you know? A few short hours later I now had a place to plant. And the progeny loaded up his truck and moved on to his new job in another state. I hurriedly thought about how I could re-arrange my schedule to accommodate buying plants, planting plants, etc.

Once I actually looked closely at the plot, I realized that a major component was missing. The top soil. Ahem. In a former life I gardened, and I know little planty things don’t grow without it. Ha! Now if you’re like us, you don’t have a tractor, a tiller, or any of those garden type items just sitting around the house. Amazingly (have I used enough y’s? Just checking.) we had some top soil delivered for another project. The only thing remaining was for it to get from one side of the yard to another. We were able to borrow a tractor from a neighbor. Bless him! And the man of the house filled the plot with top soil. In big piles.
I seriously considered a landscape plan for those piles of dirt. Then gave in and committed to the exercise it would take to level it. And my dearest, Lucy, has been beside me all the way.

She’s as worn out as I am. Sniffing everything we’re planting is a big job. She also feels it's important to chase out the frogs, and try to eat the worms and other creepy crawlies. As you can see, napping between the dill and oregano is just perfect.

It’s raining here again today, so I don’t have to water. We’re lucky that way.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. You've certainly got your work cut out for you...not having a green thumb here at all, I can't wait to see pictures of your garden in full bloom!

  2. Nice. We have a biiig spot with some grass and large river rocks I need to dig out and'd be a wonderful garden spot. But that's so much work. If the progeny comes back looking for more odd jobs, send him my way. ;)