Friday, July 10, 2009

Promise Kept

I did it. I kept my promise. Frankly, I just don’t know if I can live with it.

Many of you, who may have visited my website, know I have red hair. It’s been that way for oh, longer than some of you have been born. Almost. At any rate, awhile back, like when the very first gray hair dared to appear on my head, I promised myself that if my hair got gray enough, I’d just stop coloring it and grow it out.

Surely you’ve seen those gorgeous women who are sporting a fabulous ‘do that’s entirely gray? Like the one who does those KraftMaid kitchen cabinet commercials. She’s just brimming with vitality and self-confidence. Not to mention, beautiful. I keep seeing her because I’m trying to decide on kitchen cabinets. That’s another post entirely though.

At any rate, that day has arrived. I stopped coloring my hair long enough for the gray to show through, and then cut it off. A la, Jamie Lee Curtis. Minus the legs, boobs, and body that’s still to die for.

Ha! The jokes on me. I love it, except that it’s, well, gray. And white, and dark brown. I feel really good about keeping the promise I made to myself all those years ago. As women, we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the list for so many things, it became really important for me to do this. So. I’ve done it. And every time I see a redhead, I sigh with longing for my own firey locks. How's that for fickle?

Um, and now, I’m going hunting for hair color. Maybe a rich sable brown this time?

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