Saturday, July 25, 2009

Side Table Saturday

What’s this you ask? Well, unlike a lot of people, the one thing I don’t do is read in bed. I would be up all night reading. It doesn’t soothe me and make me drift off. It keeps me wide-eyed until the very end. Which means I have no books on my nightstand. Instead, I keep them stacked on a side table, along with my ereader. That way I can grab them coming or going.

Although I write women’s fiction, my taste in reading is somewhat eclectic. If it’s got words on it, I’ll give it a try. I may not go back for seconds, but it’s worth a look the first time around.

Right now, I’m reading an older work of Dean Koontz entitled Velocity. If you don’t mind a little grizzly murder, and love suspense, this is the thriller for you. It’ll keep you turning the page from beginning to end. It’s a wonderfully done, tight, fast-paced read. I couldn’t put it down. My partner suggested I read this, and I’m so glad I did. We were both constantly surprised at the twists and turns of the plot. It’s made dinner conversation at our house rather lively for several nights in a row.

It’s the story of writer/bartender Billy Wiles and what happens to him when his work draws the attention of a killer. I won’t say more than that, simply because I hate spoilers when people recommend a book. Just read it, already!

Wondering what’s on my ereader? You’ll have to wait a day or two to find out. I’m not quite finished with the story and a review (along with a rating system) will be forthcoming.


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  1. Sweet! Cute title, by the way. It's nice to mix up your genres and read something different. I find it helps stimulate my muse. Perhaps I'll have to go find Velocity at the library.