Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Renegade Renovation #3 - Dancing with a Drum Sander

Courtesy of the local home improvement store, I’ve spent several hours recently, working on the floor. The gooey rubber and glue were mostly gone, so it became time to see if the floor could even be refinished. Take a moment to notice the crossed fingers.

If you don’t know what a drum sander is, please don’t feel like you’ve missed out on anything. It rather resembles the upright version of an old time vacuum, bag and all. The only difference is, instead of the sucking area down front, there’s a drum which holds a sanding belt. Yeehaw.

Back and forth we went, with the grain of course. Music playing, round and round we danced. Belt after belt. Coarse, medium, and fine. Dipping, swaying, swinging right along. With an occasional stop to empty the bag.

Did I mention this is a large area? As in several rooms large? There just aren’t any walls at the moment. The contractor suggested the floor be done before the framing to make it easier. Easier on who? Oh, that’s right, this was my stupid idea. Since the budget won’t allow anyone else to come in and do this professionally, (believe me, I got estimates) guess who’s left? Anyone else want to send in their bright ideas? Evidently I’m open to them.

As soon as I find the energy to vacuum and tack the dust off, we’ll be on to a coat of sanding sealer. In the meantime, I’ve got some writing to do, so I’m outta here.


  1. Oh, my. You're up to your elbows in it, aren't ya? Hope the floor turns out purty!