Saturday, May 25, 2013

About the Cat

This week Lucy has graciously donated space in her column so you can see the latest happenings in the Fox household. Check out the cat. And the bird. Who knew?

My apologies for the dark photos, clearly I don't do this for a living. These photos were taken in the laundry room. As it happens we’ve watched a few episodes of My Cat from Hell. I’ve noticed cat people cry a lot.

Anyway, we were lucky enough to score some free shelves from a client’s remodel recently and we put a few around the house so the felines could watch cat TV. For those of you who are going, ‘huh?’ Cat TV is the cat staring out the window at the goings on outside. Yeah, I had a few, ‘huh?’ moments myself. But the cats seem to love them, if constantly going up and down them and playing with each other on them is any indication.

A week or so ago we saw a bird land on the window while the cat was watching. We just laughed and forgot about it because the bird flew away immediately. Then a couple days later, we were in the living room, and heard a tapping sound on the window. The closest window is the one in the laundry room. And it’s fifteen feet up, so it’s not like the neighbor came over to knock on the window. Unless he brought a ladder. Tap-tap-tap. Silence. Tap-tap-tap. Tap. Tap. Silence.

The next thing we know, both cats and the dog are running for the laundry room. I get up and peek around the corner, and there’s the bird, tapping on the window. Of course as soon as he saw me, (I’m guessing, but the timing seemed perfect) he flew away.

The bird has done this several days in a row now. He waits for Keegan, they have their moment, and then he flies away. I’ve actually been able to set up my tripod and photograph it. I couldn’t get Fiona because she jumps right on to the window sill and smacks the glass with her paw. For obvious reasons the bird is outta there. Keegan, however, seems content to just stare at the bird from a little distance.

Over our front door, we have one of those half round windows. This morning, as I was getting ready to take Lucy outside, I hear tapping. I look up and there’s the same bird! At the front of the house, perched on the half-round looking inside.

At first it was kinda cool. Now it’s getting just the tiniest bit creepy. Anyone remember Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds?


  1. How awesome that you caught this! Your cat is adorable. We have a large Cockatoo and two cats...when the bird is out of his cage - he chases the cats. They have accepted each other and often sit a few feet away from each other now and just "observe." Nature is an interesting thing. Beautiful to watch.

  2. Nature really is fascinating, isn't it? It's so cool that you have a Cockatoo! That's funny the bird chasing the cats! LOL. I've wanted a cockatoo, or some kind of bird for so long, but our schedules just don't allow for it. :(

  3. Howdy Miss Sutton. Pardon me for coming along just as you're telling Debora you wanted a cockatoo, but I on my way out of Blogsville when I remembered something I didn't get chance to do on The Porch.

    *Dismounts - gives Sutton a big hug - mounts up*

    Tipping my hat your way, Miss Sutton. Watch out for those birds.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mr. V. I understand. A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do. But I'll miss you. I truly will.

      When I look up at the stars in a midnight sky, I'll think of you...and wish you well.