Friday, May 31, 2013

Life with Lucy #14

Greetings, everyone. This has been a big week for Lucy. She had more than one adventure, so I’ll let her tell you about it.

 Hi, it’s me, Lucy. This has been a week, folks. Mom said she put up the pictures of my new toy. I found it in the high grass by the woods. It was easy. I could smell it. I just ducked my head into the grass, sniffed around and what do you know? I brought it to Mom right away so she could see it. I was so proud. Until I saw the look on Mom’s face. She didn’t look happy at all. So I figured I’d better drop the toy.

I wish all of you could have seen it. She was so thrilled. She popped her head up out of the grass and came running to me, wagging her tail, with the turtle tucked into her mouth. Obviously she can’t play with a turtle for a variety of reasons, mostly because it’s a turtle! To be fair though, she has a number of stuffed toys about the same size that she carries around constantly. I’m sure she could smell the difference, but it fit just fine in her mouth. The poor girl. Her confusion was obvious. We spent some time learning that turtles are not toys.

Mom says I’m all grown up now, that means I can stay home by myself and babysit the cats. I did it twice this week. The first time Mom and Dad went out to dinner and they were only gone an hour. I napped on the bed with the cats. It was nice. Before I knew it, Mom and Dad were home.

The second time, Mom said something about a cookout. I don’t know what a cookout is, but it took almost two and a half hours! That seemed like forever. I got bored so I did some exploring. Mom made sure I had food and water before she left, but that’s the same old stuff. It didn’t smell nearly as good as the loaf of bread I got off the counter.

I took it to my favorite place under the dining room table. And ate the whole thing. Yum! I did leave the plastic wrapping though. Who eats plastic? Dad told me later, when I had a tummy ache that he only had one sandwich out of that bread. I wanted to tell him that wasn’t my problem, but I’m a smart girl. He was petting me, so I kept my mouth shut.

Wasn’t Lucy just a busy girl this week? It's now way too hot to even think of leaving her in the car, so she gets to stay at home in the air conditioning. Thank goodness there were only minor ill effects from the bread. She had to have gotten up on the counter to reach it. Just between you and me, I wish I could have seen her. Other than the fact that it was the kitchen counter, it probably would have been pretty funny.

For a dog that had severe separation anxiety issues when we got her, she did amazingly well. She didn’t tear up anything, didn’t get into the trash we forgot to take out, and she didn’t harass the cats. We could tell because they weren’t hiding when we got home. Next time we’ll just make sure there is no food out anywhere, and see how she does.

Enjoy the weekend!
*No turtles were harmed during the creation of this post. The only sacrifice was a brand new loaf of bread.

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