Friday, May 17, 2013

Life with Lucy #13

Greetings! Hope this Friday finds you well. And tick free. Let me tell you, it’s been tickapalooza at the Fox household these past few weeks. The city girl in me rails against the creepy crawlies. Especially when it’s me they’re likin’.

What happened to walking my dog on the nice clean sidewalk in a spiffy sub-division where everyone’s lawn is mowed regularly? Ohhhh, yeahh. I gave it up to move to the country. Did you know there are no sidewalks in the country? Somehow I overlooked that tiny detail. Sure, I could stay on the lawn, but then Lucy doesn’t get nearly the exercise she needs. And honestly, neither do I.

So I walk her on a path in the woods. It’s beautiful, it’s quiet, and right now it’s working its way up to the lush and green it’ll be later in the summer. I made it myself. A few days work with the pruning tools and the mower, and pronto, perfect dog walking place.

However, it’s got ewwy live things! Can you hear the city girl screaming from where you are? This week I stepped on a snake. The walking your dog head up, looking forward scanning the horizon for dangers thing totally failed me. I should have been looking down. The only thing about it that scared Lucy was me yelling like a banshee. I suppose at this point I should say it was a small snake. Maybe about two feet long and not much bigger around than a Sharpie marker. But I swear, at first glance it had anaconda proportions. 

Although, when I got home and investigated the snake, it’s a rough green, which spends most of its time in trees. Screwed, I tell ya. I can't walk looking up and down at the same time. And Lucy totally disagreed witht the threat level. She just stepped over it, and kept on walking. Don’t suppose I could get lucky and the snake would eat the ticks? No? It figures.

Well, Lucy is giving me googly-eyes, and pacing the room. Oh, now she’s barking too. Must mean it’s time to go see if we can give some more ticks a first class dog ride. Right into the house. 

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Snake? Sheesh! A snake once bit me on the ass. I've still got the scar to prove it. If I ever get to heaven the first thing I'll do is tip my hat to the Lord. Then I'm gonna find the snake that bit me and kick the shit out of it.

    1. You must have lots of scars, Mr. V. And no, I don't want to see them. lol. The snakes got it coming for sure.